Zhezhi Manchester United Red Devils lost soul !


Anfield this night is destined to belong to the younger generation who Shankly , not part of Manchester United .wholesale nike nfl jerseys Moyes led the Red Devils suffered a new defeat in the season 's first race . Home in Liverpool ,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys Manchester United encounter blocking, and in fact, from the beginning to the end of the game behind the moment , David Moyes 's team have failed to completely suppress opponents , control the game , the former Ferguson arm that sticks in adversity thrives the Red Devils did not occur again miracle.

Let us first recall this scene ,wholesale nfl jerseys the whole game 's first 58 minutes , Manchester United front attack, Welbeck drove into the penalty area from the left wing in a row to get rid of two defensive players toward the bottom line at the post , threatens to the case of the formation of the offensive , but was Welbeck came back against Liverpool striker Aspen Paz knocked down in the scraping , the ball can slip it behind Manchester United quite threatening an attack so vain. Welbeck much dissatisfaction immediately stepped forward to protest ,wholesale nfl jerseys from china even with the Liverpool player Johnson had a heated quarrel , he thinks Aspen Paz tripped himself. Manchester United's Robin van Persie , Ryan Giggs , who also came up to the referee to protest that this should be a penalty, but the referee but firm fined croquet , Manchester United and it has lost the opportunity to tie the game .

From the slow motion replay of view ,wholesale nike nfl jerseys it is indeed a breakthrough Welbeck Paz collided with Aspen , and then control the ball who is Welbeck , he is also promising that the attack on the complete score, if the referee penalty , and that is understandable, but if it is not a penalty fine , also reasonable, after all, this is not obvious nor malicious foul . But from Manchester United's point of view, this is undoubtedly the penalty for them to lose a good opportunity to score the equalizer . Lenses in this case also specifically found the Manchester United boss David Moyes wholesale cheap nfl jerseys , he apparently much dissatisfaction for the penalty , first roar, followed by an angry wave their fists, spread his hands loudly protested to the referee , but this is obviously not change the referee attitude.

Imagine if this time the people wholesale nfl jerseys on the job to sit Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson , said that he would make what ? Face penalty against Manchester United , Sir Alex Ferguson will certainly bounce from the seat , straight toward the long side , facing the referee and fourth official roar . At a time when Manchester United players will happen ? wholesale nfl jerseys from china With Ferguson's roar becomes increasingly excited and passionate fight . Today, Moyes seems too restrained , perhaps he 's not good at using the pitch change to mobilize the enthusiasm of the players fighting and want to win , and that's what Ferguson is good at.

For this the penalty ,wholesale nike nfl jerseys Manchester United manager in an interview after the game did not even make any evaluation, which with his rage on the pitch in stark contrast. Meanwhile, transfer rumors , whoelsale nfl jerseys free shipping Moyes is also performed lukewarm , he said: " I ??am concerned about those players than I am to my existing players feel more happy and they played well , it may be So far this season, the best game . "

And similar things , wholesale nfl jerseys Ferguson 's answer will be more lethal , with Arsenal last season after the match , the referee dissatisfaction Ferguson had said: " Arsenal is very aggressive , but I think the referee did not pay attention to this point ,cheap nfl jerseys from china and when we foul , he immediately gave us a yellow card and we have five players license to eat , and I think this is not true . " this is a wealthy defending team coach should be some tough attitude , but now Moyes clearly not realized that Sir Alex Ferguson 's essence.

In the past ,wholesale nike nfl jerseys whenever Manchester United behind whenever Manchester United opened up the situation delay whenever Manchester United suffered a controversial penalty , Ferguson will roar no spirit of the players standing on the sidelines and put pressure on the referee . Sir Alex Ferguson 's greatest significance lies in this pressure and roaring through the field excitation Manchester United players fighting harder , and in Ferguson's powerful gas field , the Manchester United players often playing twelfth spiritual death-defying , and often led to reversal .whoelsale nfl jerseys free shipping Manchester United suffered an embarrassing defeat in time for the game 's controversial penalty after the game he will immediately expressed dissatisfaction with the move is to let Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United future competitions can be more equitable treatment , but now such a tough stance in Moyes who has to see it.

Manchester United in the opening soon behind ,wholesale nfl jerseys the Red Devils fans are looking forward to the Jedi that they can once again staged reversal. But Ferguson less roar and imparting instruction on the sidelines , apparently some magic Manchester United lack . Manchester United in the past repeatedly in the face of adversity to achieve comeback , Ferguson brings powerful gas self-confidence and tenacity place is definitely a big reason , but now, Moyes seems not to be able to learn the essence of coach Sir Alex Ferguson .

Same embarrassment also wholesale nike nfl jerseys appeared in the transfer market , Ferguson targeted , must negotiate as soon as possible , while negotiations without results , Ferguson will find other targets , vigorous and resolute , rarely procrastination . By contrast , whether it is treated or midfield signings Rooney , David Moyes seemed hesitant, slow and timid . Everton coach David Moyes apparently 11 years Manchester United have not adapted to the rhythm of this wealthy , for the wealthy , the competition for the hottest players need to open negotiations as soon as possible in order to win enough buffer time , cheap nfl jerseys from china even if the transactions are not fulfilled , it to have enough time to find a new target . But Moyes Everton now apparently still in use when the transfer experience to Trader Manchester United signings planned , this is clearly not a wealthy coach 's style .

While Manchester United in the summer transfer market dilemma , perhaps Moyes helm giants have learned the first lesson. The history of Manchester United in the past only six times in the summer transfer only signed one player, cheap nfl jerseys from china but they are nothing but made ??the championship , but I must mention is that the coach can do so , but such a legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson , this the law would be difficult in a newcomer to the Moyers who copied again . As for the succession Ferguson Moyes , from the floor to the court, he wanted to learn more as well .