Storm Water Management

Construction Site Management


When it rains, water washes over roofs, streets, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and land surfaces. Along the way, it can pick up a variety of pollutants, such as oil, pesticides, metals, chemicals, and soil. This polluted stormwater drains into the storm system that eventually discharges into our rivers and streams. The pollutants can endanger the water quality of our waterways, making them unhealthy for people, fish, and wildlife.

The City of Mosinee receives on average 32 inches of precipitation annually, of which, a significant amount filters through our storm sewers, collecting pollutants, and eventually enters the Wisconsin River. The City of Mosinee has adopted a stormwater management program to comply with federal and state stormwater regulations. The goal of the federal and state stormwater regulations is to improve the quality of the waterways into which the City's stormwater drains into.

As specifically required by the State of Wisconsin MS4 Permit, the City has also adopted three ordinances to assist with the management and regulation of stormwater discharge into the City's collection system:

1. Construction Site

2. Post Construction

3. Discharge Detention

Each of the three stormwater management ordinances is available for viewing by clicking on the appropriately noted sidebar.

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