Manchester United January purchase made 12 goals in 13 games in La Liga midfielder Wizards

In midfield position on Manchester United in the league of the intention to introduce 24 -year-old Athletic Bilbao 's wholesale nfl jerseys Spanish midfielder effectiveness Herrera . But for various reasons , Manchester United ultimately failed to successfully introduce him. Recently, the player himself says in accepting a file called "Espacio Reservado" television program in an interview : "I am delighted Manchester United have been trying to cheap nike nfl jerseys introduce me in the summer , but Athletic Bilbao did not accept the offer and now I would like to . rooted in a team , our team is the best . "

Since the introduction cheap nfl jerseys of the possibility of Herrera is gradually reduced , then eager to introduce new aid in the Red Devils midfield will have to find new targets. News from the " Daily Express " and " Mirror" and other media on that United intends to introduce the effectiveness of the current La Liga Sevilla in the offensive midfield prodigy wholesale nike nfl jerseys Croatian Rakitic . 25 -year-old Rakitic height 1 meter 84 , the offensive ability is very prominent. So far this season, scored in 13 games played in La Liga and contributed seven goals and five assists .

However , wholesale nfl jerseys Manchester United want to introduce him no small difficulty , because the message from the "Mirror" , said Chelsea and Liverpool club also want to introduce him. And Seville club are unwilling at this time to put player transfers , and now they are preparing and Rakitic renew their contract with the player's original will cheap nike nfl jerseys expire in 2015. The only good news is that Manchester United , the player himself seems not willing to stay in Seville , Seville this summer after the Navas and Negredo and other important players sold to Manchester City, no ambition this has allowed Rakitic very dissatisfied .

In addition Rakitic cheap nfl jerseys currently over Benfica in Portugal 25 years old Serbian effectiveness Manchester United midfielder Matic also intends to introduce goal. 1 meter tall and 94 during 2009-11 he played for Chelsea , was later introduced as the Blues David - Tim Lewis head and joined Benfica . As of now, Matic to Benfica played 52 league games and wholesale nike nfl jerseys scored five goals . News from the "Mirror" , said the current price for the players already Benfica 2000 , Manchester United would like to introduce him in addition to pay high transfer fees , but also need to compete with the Serie A Naples .

In addition wholesale nfl jerseys it was possible to join , the United Front in some people may leave. Sky Sports news from Italy , said the Serie A leaders Juventus are ready to Manchester United in the winter quotes Portugal winger Nani . If you can successfully introduce Nani , then Juventus coach Conti will allow his team to use 433 formation, in order to make the team more cheap jerseys from china competitive league and the Champions League , the use of rich and varied tactics have been pursued by Conti the . In addition, the news from the "Italian football ," said Juve may consider rent-to- buy approach to introduce Nani , Manchester United transfer aspects of this approach is also not excluded .

This season , cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseysManchester United 's Nani few appearances in the league and the Champions League only played a total of six times. In order to ensure that the main location in Portugal , the player himself is very much like to get more playing opportunities. Manchester United 5-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League , Nani in the game after the first 88 minutes then Ryan Giggs scored a goal pass , which he scored for Manchester cheap jerseys free shipping United this season 's first grain intake ball. In an interview with Manchester United TV interview and then when Nani says : "My goal is very beautiful, I'm glad to get into this ball game , but the most important thing is the result , we hope to continue this state. ."