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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report East

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The City of Mosinee is pleased to announce that on May 10, 2021, the City of Mosinee Police Commission formally appointed Kenneth R. Grams to serve as the next Chief of Police for the City of Mosinee.

City of Mosinee Municipal Judge, The Honorable Chris Eick administered the Oath of Office to Chief Grams upon his appointment by the Police Commission.

Chief Grams comes to the City with over 30+ years of municipal law enforcement experience, including 27-years with the City of Milwaukee Police Department.

Chief Grams previously served as a Law Enforcement Investigator for the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office since September 2015.

Chief Grams replaces former Chief of Police Ken Muelling who retired in March 2021 after 30+ years of service with the City of Mosinee Police Department.

The City of Mosinee would like to welcome Chief Grams and his fiancée Kris to our great community!



Mosinee Water Utility Customers

The Mosinee Water Utility will again be starting the process of aggressively flushing water mains throughout the City.

This aggressive flushing will be done according to our written Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) Program.

The UDF program utilizes computer generated models and system mapping to determine a sequence for flushing/cleaning individual sections of water main in a systematic method.

We are continuing this aggressive flushing program in an effort to improve the quality of the water that is being delivered to our customers

Customers can expect lower water pressure during flushing periods, but you should not lose all water pressure.

If you experience a complete loss of water pressure, please contact the DPW at 715-693-2275 immediately so we can correct the situation.

During flushing, there will be increased chances of dirty water entering your home.

The water is bacteriologically safe, but can stain laundry or have a brown or yellow color to it.

If you notice Utility staff working in your neighborhood, check your water before doing laundry or bathing.

If you do get a “slug” of dirty water into your home, flush the cold-water lines through a bathtub or laundry sink.

If the water does not clear up within a couple of minutes, please contact the Utility at the number listed below.

Flushing will begin the week of April 26th and is expected to continue into June.

Each day that flushing is planned a map will be posted on the City’s website identifying the area planned for flushing that day.

Flushing will be done during the daytime hours, 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday, but not on any holiday.

You can also call City Hall for a daily update on what area is planned for flushing.

If you have questions, please contact the Public Works Dept. at 715-693-2275 or email to:

The City of Mosinee The city of Mosinee, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 24 from 8:00 AM till 12:00 PM at the Mosinee City Hall.

Wisconsin COVID-19 Coronavirus Information


Wisconsin COVID -19 Informational Website

Bicycle Safety

With the warmer weather motorist find they are sharing the roadway more often with bicyclist.

Bicycling continues to be a popular form of recreation and transportation. Our community promotes bicycling through the routes and trails provided in the area.

It is important that all of us look out for the safety of bicyclist in our community.

Bicyclists, please keep these tips in mind when riding:

• Always wear your bike helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries. Also consider wearing high-visibility clothing. • Go with the traffic flow. Ride as far right in the lane as is safe and in the same direction as other vehicles. • Obey all traffic laws. A bicycle is a vehicle and you’re a driver. • Stay alert at all times. Use your eyes and ears to detect traffic and road hazards. • Look before turning. When turning, always look behind you for traffic and signal before making your turn.

Motorist can help by watching out for bicyclists.

Be patient when passing a bicyclist.

Slow down and pass only when it is safe.

Do not squeeze the bicyclist off the road.

Allow clearance of at least three feet when passing a bicyclist.

Parents talk with your children about bicycle safety. Make sure they are following the rules. Check their bicycle to make sure it is safe.

Do not allow young children to ride on the street.

It is suggested that children younger than ten use the sidewalk to ride, but parents should determine when their child is ready to ride on the street.

Most of all, make sure they wear a bike helmet.

The Mosinee Police Department normally holds a bicycle rodeo in May or June to promote bicycle skills and safety with our young riders.

This year, due to the concerns with COVID-19, we have elected to not hold the rodeo.

We do have a limited number of small and medium size helmets available free of charge for area children, along with activity books and other materials that promote bicycle safety.

The helmets and materials are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on a first come/first serve basis.

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the summer!

Downtown Parking Lot Open For Public Use

The City of Mosinee recently completed improvements to the new public parking lot located on the east side of the 400 Block of 4th Street between Square Park and TDS. The parking lot now provides sixteen parking spaces for easy off-street access to our downtown business district. The parking lot can be accessed from the public alley located off of 4th Street (north end) or Pine Street (south end).

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Next Scheduled Meeting

Next Scheduled Meeting
Monday, June 14th, 2021


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